NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loan Society (NCSL) offers its members a smarter and easier alternative to banks and other deposit taking institutions.

Smarter because there is more than one way to save and easier because we provide a friendlier, personalised and more accessible service for our clients. Our range of services includes a selection of savings accounts, personal loans at very low interest rates and a medical/life insurance scheme called NASCARE.

NCSL is respected within the finance industry for being one of the top three societies in terms of membership here in PNG and the South Pacific. Its growing membership stands at over 100,000 contributors ranging from infants up to 65 years olds.

NCSL’s vision is to become a one-stop-shop bank by 2020 and its mission is to improve the quality of our members’ lives through security, returns, services and product range it offers.

Its Head Office is located at NCSL Haus, on Allotment 3, Section 4, Douglas Street, Down Town – Port Moresby.

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Get started and re-register yourself now for your own personal banking portal if you are a NCSL member. For those that are NASFUND members but not yet part of NCSL, you can now register online for your membership under New Member Application. Please call NCSL now for more info.

Phone: 313 2000, 313 2017/18


Member Online Banking Portal


Member Online Banking Portal. Get yourself registered for your own personal account to do online banking with online access to your NCSL account(s). You will have the option of checking balance, checking loan eligibility, transaction details, online withdrawal and apply for loan.

New Member Registration


This option allows non-NCSL members who are contributors to NASFUND to register as NCSL members online.