• Welcome to NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loans Society

    Welcome to NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loans Society

NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loan Society (NCSL) offers its members a smarter and easier alternative to banks and other deposit taking institutions. Smarter because there is more than one way to save and easier because we provide a friendlier, personalised and more accessible service for our clients. Our range of services includes a selection of savings accounts, personal loans at very low interest rates and a medical/life insurance scheme called NASCARE.

We offer an attractive range of products and services for our members.

NCSL’s vision is To be the best e-Bank in PNG.
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Latest News Updates

We saw 2019 start off with beneficial developments for our members.

NCSL continuing to 'expand'

NCSL continuing to 'expand'

January 23, 2019
NASFUND Contributors’ Savings and Loans (NCSL) Society attracts new members at an average of 1600 registrations per month, which translates to around 20,000 new members every year... Source: The National
Lahui reveals big projects

Lahui reveals big projects

January 8, 2019
General manager Vari Lahui said in a statement that this included plans to roll out debit cards in the second quarter of this year, together with launch of its own fleet of point-of-sales (POS) terminals... Source: The National
NASFUND Contributors’ Savings and Loan (NCSL) Society’s significant investment in technology to improve delivery of services to its members has paid off with growth seen in its savings and loan portfolios... Source: The National
In line with its 2020 corporate vision of becoming the e-Bank and promoting a paperless work environment, NCSL encourages and promotes the use of electronic channels. Source: The National