NASCARE is a medical and life insurance cover for NCSL members. It provides a medical, dental, optical, pharmaceutical, hospital and death benefit for insured members, their spouse and children in PNG. For more information click here.

The premiums are based on three different plans and are to be paid in full upon application;

• Single Plan – K750.00
• Couple Plan – K850.00
• Family Plan – K950.00

NASCARE insurance cover is renewed each year and is not a one-off cost.

For medical claims, 80% is refundable and K40,000.00 is paid as death claim to nominated beneficiary(ies) of deceased member. Under this policy, death claim payment varies between member, spouse, children and natural parents. All claims are settled within 10 working days.

The NASCARE Forms are:

All NASCARE insured members can get medical treatment at a cost of K10.00 only from various service providers within Port Moresby & Lae.

NCSL members can also use their savings to pay for NASCARE premiums via obtaining a loan, savings withdrawal or direct deposit. To register your premium, speak to our friendly NASCARE officer on 313 2023

“Your Health is your Wealth”

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