Vision Statement:

To be the best e-bank in Papua New Guinea.

Mission Statement:

“To improve the quality of life through e-nnovation, security, returns, services and the product range we offer.”

Value Statement:

  • Customer service is our first priority.
  • We rely on teamwork to achieve our goal.
  • We treat each other with trust, respect, consideration and courtesy.
  • We operate with honesty and integrity.
  • We never turn a blind eye to corruption of any kind.
  • We encourage efficient use of time.
  • We encourage and reward skill level, progress and contribution.
  • We are responsible for our actions.
  • We provide necessary training and equipment.
  • We include the necessary people in decision making.
  • We empower people to make and carry out decisions.
  • We are a learning organisation.
  • We communicate ncsl activities and results.
  • We support community activities without impacting on members’ funds.
  • We protect the reputation of ncsl by behaving ethically.

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