A Poro card is a domestic debit card issued to ncsl members that conveniently allows access to their transactional account funds and or for everyday shopping.

To apply for a Poro card you have to be an active contributing ncsl member over the age of 18 years.

·        A deposit of K10.00 will be debited from your General Savings account (GS) to open your Poro account.

·       It is preferable that every member has a Poro card for instant access to loan and withdrawal proceeds.

·       Children with a KSA account will not be issued a Poro Card.

The Poro card is issued together with a unique 4 digit PIN, generated specifically for your Poro card. It is your electronic signature used to approve and secure every transaction done from your card. The number is given to the cardholder and should be known only to the cardholder. The member is at liberty to change the PIN at any of our Eftpos terminal.

·       The Poro card, similar to other bank cards, can be used to purchase goods and services at selected retailers using ncsl Eftpos terminals.

·       The Poro card is only linked to your Poro account. You cannot access your savings using your Poro card.

You can apply for a poro card by completing the Poro Card and Account application form at any ncsl branch or download it from the button below

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